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Western Montana Elk Hunting

"September . . . the leaves are beginning to retreat into their beautiful fall colors, the chill of the morning air greets you like an old friend, and at the first sign of light the ridges erupt with the sound of screaming bulls. For the bow hunter there is no better time to be on a mountain in Montana!"- Journal Excerpt

Rocky Mountain Elk, Archery and Rifle Hunts

Taking a bull elk on a spot and stalk rifle hunt or with a bow and arrow during the rut, could be the pinnacle of a lifetime of hunting. Take advantage of our professional staff, as they put their years of personal experience and knowledge to work for you. Our guides are longtime residents of the area and are fellow sportsmen who are dedicated to providing hunts of the highest quality.

Archery Elk

The archery season in Montana usually begins on the first Saturday in September and runs through the peak periods of the elk rut. Each day begins well before dawn to allow plenty of time to be positioned for hunting at legal light. The duration of the hunt will depend on the circumstances. Since this time of year revolves around calling sequences, we will hunt until the elk have stopped bugling and bedded down for the day. Depending on your preference, you may continue hunting elk in the evening, or take a stand position for whitetail on the ranch property. Legal elk during this season are antlerless or brow-tined bulls only. Since the introduction of the brow-tined bull regulations, which allows younger bulls to "grow up", we have seen a tremendous increase in the number of trophy-class bulls here. So whether you are looking to fill your freezer or a space on the wall, we've got you covered!


Preparation for your hunt:

Practice with the equipment you are planning to bring along with you. You certainly don't want any surprises when the moment of truth arrives. Make sure your equipment is properly matched. Practice with your broad heads at all distances you are comfortable shooting! Broad heads don't always impact the same point as field tips, especially at ranges past 20 yards. Because of the terrain you will be hunting, shots are generally close, but you never know. Know your limits and stick to them.

Rifle Elk

The general elk season usually begins on the fourth Sunday in October and lasts five weeks. By now the last days of Indian Summer are beginning to fade and the bulls are focused on replenishing the fat reserves they need for the winter. They tend to concentrate on the remaining vegetation offered by mountain brush fields and logging cuts. Days are spent hiking and glassing these areas for bulls. legal elk during this season are brow tined bulls only.






Preparation for your hunt:

Bring along your choice of rifle caliber that is suitable for elk sized game. A .300 Winchester Magnum is always a good choice. We recommend when sighting in your rifle that you zero it in at +3 at 100 yards. Your rifle should be equipped with a good scope that is not susceptible to fogging up. You should also make sure your scope is outfitted with flip-up scope covers on both front and back. You may bring along a bi-pod if you would like, but it is not necessary (a day pack makes a fine rest).


The type of terrain you will be hunting during your stay will be primarily timbered slopes. The hiking can be taxing on those who are not accustomed to it. We suggest that during your preparation for the hunt you take some sort of action to get your cardiovascular system used to increased stimulation. Hiking and stair climbing type exercise equipment can be beneficial to get you in shape for the hunt. Rest assured that our guides will accommodate a pace you are comfortable with during your hunt. After all, it's your vacation not boot camp.

**Visit our "What To Bring" link for information on the type of gear you will need for your hunt.